This teak furniture is made of genuine, plantation-grown teak wood (Tectona Grandis). This noble wood species is naturally impregnated with “Chinon”, witch protects wood against rot. At the same time, the natural content of teak oil in the wood resists the absorption of water and helps keep surfaces clean. Teak wood does not need to be maintained to withstand weathering. Over time, the sun will bleach the original brownish color and a new silver-grey surface will appear. Many aficionados of teak wood prefer this silver-gray patina. Others prefer to keep the original color. To maintain the original color, we recommend marine teak oil. For regular cleaning, we recommend any wood cleaner. After a period of use or if the wood has dried out, it may be necessary to tighten with moderated torque the screws. Use a hexagonal wrench. We wish you many happy hours with your genuine teak furniture.

Amazonia Teak Furniture Hardware information

Hardware or wooden dowels?

For some items there is an alternative for hardware: wooden dowels.  Special for benches, tables and heavy chairs wooden dowels are a good alternative, although once assembled with wooden dowels the items can not be made knock down for storage anymore; as well the assembling is a bit more work with glue and so on. Special for benches we do advice to use wooden dowels. It makes the bench maintenance free; hardware should be checked once in a while. As well for benches it is just a nicer look with wooden dowels and the stability of the bench is better with wooden dowels too.

How important is the look of the hardware?
Something many people don’t realize directly but consumers do note very well the use of the hardware. Brass hardware gives the furniture a more classic look, especially when it’s with classic “minus” screw system. Stainless steel gives furniture directly a modern look and galvanized hardware with Allen-key system gives a “cheaper look”.  Hardware is an important finishing touch of the furniture; for both the construction as for “the looks”.

Stainless Steel, Brass or Galvanized steel?
Stainless steel is obvious the strongest among the hardware and gives a modern look to the furniture. Stainless steel is available in 3 qualities: 304, 306 and 316. 304 is still vulnerable for rust after a while; 316 is Marine Quality. In Indonesia only 304 is available and just available for folding (arm) chairs, recliners and tables. The price is high.
Brass is available in many different qualities. Most common used in Indonesia is the 50/50 quality; half brass and half tin. It’s not very strong. A few suppliers do buy 70/30 quality; 70% brass and 30% copper (or sometimes other metals used for mix as well). From import 90/10 is the highest quality available. Stronger than solid brass is this mixture with copper.  Brass can’t rust and is easy to clean.
Galvanized steel is cheap and very vulnerable for rust. Most galvanized companies do not check the micron layer applied to the steel; it should be minimum 14 micron to avoid rust. Many rust problems specially occur when galvanized steel is used in combination with teak furniture with special finishing treatments. It is not easy to clean galvanized steel.

Maintenance hardware for consumer
Hardware needs maintenance to keep the nice rich look. Dirty hardware gives marks to the teak wood and makes the furniture less representative. We do advice to clean hardware twice a year; in spring and in autumn before storage the furniture for the winter.
Stainless steel can be cleaned with a special stainless steel cleaner that is available in every super market. For galvanized steel brushing with a steel brush is often the only solution to remove the rust but will damage the protection layer. Brass can be easy cleaned with BRASSO®, a special brass cleaner.
All bolts have to be regular tightened. Especially for folding – and reclining chairs bolts will loosen a bit during use.

The use of Lock-Tide glue. Good or not?
To avoid that bolts will get loose during use of the garden furniture some customers prefer bolts are tightened with special glue: Lock Tide. Indeed this is solves the problem that bolts get loosen but on the other hand after the use of lock tide bolts can not be removed anymore. For other repairs or so this might be a problem.

Amazonia teak furniture hardware standards.
Like most suppliers we had in the past as well our problems with hardware. Brass quality went down and galvanized hardware had it’s own problems too.
Last year we made a rigorous decision: we only use top quality brass hardware.
For our cheaper ranges we use 70/30 brass hardware. For A-grade teak we only use import 90/10 hardware. This is the best there is available. Inside we use for the screw-dread stainless steel only and for pressure points (at arm chairs, recliner chairs and so) we use a solid 8mm thick stainless steel center. This gives extra strength to the furniture during its specific use. Benches coming normally standard with wooden dowels.

Special hardware.
All our A-grade teak tables come with a parasol cover that can be used for several sizes parasol pools up to 50mm. A top quality master piece in 90/10 brass, made totally flat with the table top.
Upon request we can make special qualities hardware for you; depending on your budget, the use of the furniture and the availability. Ask our customer relation managers to assist you with special requests.