What kind of wood is used in International Home Miami furniture?  

Currently, all the wood furniture produced by international Home Miami use only EUCALYPTUS wood and have 100% FSC certification. The genetic care, the correct plantation, well conducted forest management, the cut of the tree at the planned age, the sawing of the timber in a programmed manner and the drying of the wood with programs developed for this, confer to the Eucalyptus a regularity / continuity, productivity and quality not possible to the essences harvested in native forests. As well as this, the fast renewal and the fast turnover in the growth of Eucalyptus are positive factors for the protection of our forests.


What is the behavior of eucalyptus furniture exposed to the weather?

Wood is a natural product and requires special care when exposed to the weather.


What finishing is applied to the pieces?  

Amazonia furniture receives the application of an impregnating product (stain), with insecticidal and fungicidal properties, as well as balancing the color of the product and allowing the wood to exchange humidity with the environment (breathe). This stain is called Polisten. International Home Miami can supply exclusively to their clients a 225ml can of this product, in this color. Other stain color variations are also found for purchase on the market. We also recommend Marine Teak Oil or any high quality sealer with UV protector. Eucalyptus wood mantainance Wipe all wood surfaces clean with a damp cloth. Application Apply marine teak oil (made from linseed oil combined with multi UV block) at regular intervals to retain the rich wood look and ensure maximum wood life. The frequency can range from once per year if the furniture is under shade and up to four times per year under extreme conditions. Methods of application Liberally apply teak oil on wood with a paint brush or spray bottle. A cloth is only recommended for minor touch-ups. Allow teak oil to absorb into wood for about 45-55 minutes in shade or 20-30 minutes in direct sun. Lightly wipe off any excess teak oil with a soft cloth. Allow 24-36 hours drying time. Notes Non-maintenance will result in a “graying” effect over time which will cause the wood to splinter and reduce the wood life to around 5 to 10 years. It is necessary to lightly sand the wood at regular intervals to avoid injury. It is normal for these woods to experience some natural “bleeding” from rainfall while new.