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Texas 100% FSC Teak Wood Barstool

Texas 100% FSC Teak Wood Barstool

Experience the highest quality craftsmanship with the Texas 100% FSC Teak Wood Barstool. Our sturdy, aesthetically pleasing barstool is made with 100% FSC certified Teak wood, for a lasting, durable product that is sure to bring a refined charm to your home.

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Made of high-quality certified teak wood exclusively grown in Indonesia. Teak is a natural living material that is renowned for its rich golden-brown color but also for its classic and premium appearance after exposure to the elements of weather and time

  • Dimensions: 15.5L x 15.5W x 32H.
  • Seating Dimensions: 15.5L x 15.5W.

Sturdy & Durable: Amazonia collection products can be left outside throughout the year and can withstand all types of weather.

STORAGE DURING WINTER When storing this product, do not put in rooms that are centrally heated, as this will cause the wood to dry out and possibly shrink and crack. Cool, well-ventilated sheds are the most suitable location.

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